Our Staff

Erik Ghazaryan
Erik is an experienced youth worker with an MA in Political Science. Erik is interested in digital media, Web 2.0 Tools and journalism. Currently, he is also an editor of Newsletter at the Youth for Exchange and Understanding International Network that APY is part of. He is also an Expert in Youth policy and Environment in the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. He is passionate about working with local volunteers and sharing his experience and knowledge. Erik likes doing sports, reading and collecting souvenirs from different parts of the World.
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Grigor Yeritsyan
Executive Director
Grigor works in the field of youth education since 2008. With an educational background in Political Science and European Studies, he works as an Executive Director, Educational Supervisor and trainer at APY. Previously, he has been working as the Vice-President of the organization. Grigor is responsible for management of educational projects implemented by the organization, design and preparation of learning curricula of educational activities as well as supervision of project managers and project coordinators. Grigor is a youth worker and activist in Armenia with considerable practice in consolidating youth. He’s been working for Civil Society Development in Armenia since 2007 both in terms of academic research and practical work. As a trainer in the field of Education and Youth, his main areas of expertise are in the fields of Intercultural Learning, Education for Sustainable Development, Gender Equality and Education for Active Citizenship. He is passionate about youth empowerment and driving positive social change in Armenia. He likes traveling, discovering new cultures, blogging and singing.
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Maria Simonyan
Maria has an educational background in Political Science and European Studies. Recently, she has also graduated from Estonian School of Diplomacy. For the last 3 years she has been working as a trainer and project manager in APY dealing with international training courses, building partnerships and working for expansion of the organization. Her main topics of expertise in the field of training are Democracy, Youth Participation, Active Citizenship and Migration. As a youth worker and a trainer she believes that young people are capable of doing significant changes in their countries. By empowering and equipping them with certain skills and competences, she wants to change the world for better! Maria is passionate about working in the area of international cooperation and diplomacy. She likes travelling and discovering new countries, practices yoga and is passionate about reading.
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Nelly Paytyan
Programs Director
Since 2009 she has been actively involved in different civic initiatives mostly focusing on human rights protection and inclusion of vulnerable groups of people in the social life of Armenia. In 2012 she has found herself in Armenian Progressive Youth NGO first as a PR manager, then as Programs Director of the organization. With an educational background in Linguistics as well as International Relations and Diplomacy, currently she operates as Programs Director of the organization. Nelly is primarily responsible for managing the programs that are related to women empowerment, gender equality, LGBTQ rights, expanding the organizations partner network and ensuring sustainability of our programs. Nelly is a youth worker with more than 6 years of experience working within different youth programs and initiatives both on local and international levels. The causes she cares about embrace equal opportunities for everyone regardless their national, ethnic, religious backgrounds, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. She likes travelling, photography, extreme sports, takes a high interest in startups, entrepreneurship and informational technologies.
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Davit Kocharyan
PR and Communications Manager
Davit is currently a senior student pursuing a Bachelor degree in Marketing. He works in APY as a PR and Communications Manager. Davit is in charge of managing and enhancing both the internal and the external communications of the organization on many online and offline platforms with different target groups. Meantime, he coordinates a team of volunteers supporting him to implement the organization’s communications. Prior to working in APY, Davit has studied in Communications school and recently has completed his internship in the field of marketing and communications in France. He has been actively involved in youth organizations as a volunteer and participated in many local and international projects abroad, which contributed immensely to the development of his broad-minded and tolerant personality.
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Adrine Aghabekyan
Project Manager and EVS Coordinator
Adrine has an educational background in Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication. She has been working in APY as an Office Administrator for couple of years dealing with the management of international training courses, building partnerships and working for expansion of the organization. Now Adrine is a Program Manager and an EVS coordinator of the organization. As a youth worker she believes that youngsters are the power that certain country holds and that by working hard they can create the future they only dreamt of. Adrine is passionate about working in the area of intercultural communication and youth work. She likes exploring new cultures, investigating how a certain phenomenon can mean and show different things in another culture, learning the values and beliefs various cultures obtained throughout the history. Enquiring ancient cultures, their legends and their connection with astronomy and science is the thing she enjoys the most.
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Inna Tevikyan
Program Assistant
Inna works in APY as a Program Assistant, providing support to program activities of the organization, specifically working on conflict management and refugee integration programs. She is currently completing her last year of bachelor’s degree at Yerevan State University in the Department of Linguistics and Cross-cultural communication. Inna finds her profession quite interesting and necessary for the development of nowadays society, people and their worldview not only in Armenia, but also in the whole world. Previously, she has been also working in the field of human rights, primarily women’s rights. She strongly believes it is each and every individual’s role as a member of society to equally contribute to something positive, something that can create change, and she is willing to do everything to unlock her imagination, satisfy her curiosity and develop collaboration skills.
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Varsik Nikoyan
Project Assistant
Varsik works in APY as a Project Assistant for the projects related to gender mainstreaming and women empowerment. Currently Varsik is a Ph.D. student at Yerevan State University, the faculty of Philosophy and Psychology and a lecturer of psychology at National Polytechnic University. Combining her passion towards psychology and facilitating skills gained through volunteering at APY, now she is working with Syrian-Armenian younsters in order to help them acclimate to new environment. Varsik has participated in many local and international training projects, where she discovered the strength of non-formal education, which she uses now in the fields of stress management, self-development and decision-making. Her interests are various: from composing music, crafting to programming.
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Diana Chobanyan
Regional Programs Director
Diana Chobanyan is our Regional Programs Director. She is coordinating APY activities in the regions of Armenia, facilitating inclusion of young people from rural and deprived urban areas and strengthening our outreach. Diana holds a Master degree in teaching methodology. Her interest in education and active citizenship extends to developing and piloting a citizenship education curriculum for university students from Armenia. Since 2013 she has been actively involved with community development and youth empowerment in Armenia, coordinating and implementing various projects as a part of local and international teams. She is founding member of the Eco Lab foundation.
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